PaCT 09.2021

Конференция "16th International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies" проходила 13 - 18 Сентября 2021 г. по адресу Russia, Калининград, Балтийский федеральный университет.

Н.А. Катаев выступил с докладом:

Additional Parallelization of Existing MPI Programs Using SAPFOR

The SAPFOR and DVM systems were primary designed to simplify the development of parallel programs of scientific-technical calculations. SAPFOR is a software development suite that aims to produce a parallel version of a sequential program in a semi-automatic way. Fully automatic parallelization is also possible if the program is well-formed and satisfies certain requirements. SAPFOR uses the DVMH directive-based programming model to expose parallelism in the code. The DVMH model introduces CDVMH and Fortran-DVMH (FDVMH) programming languages which extend standard C and Fortran languages by parallelism specifications. We present MPI-aware extension of the SAPFOR system that exploits opportunities provided by the new features of the DVMH model to extend existing MPI programs with intra-node parallelism. In that way, our approach reduces the cost of parallel program maintainability and allows the MPI program to utilize accelerators and multi-core processors. SAPFOR extension has been implemented for both Fortran and C programming languages. In this paper, we use the NAS Parallel Benchmarks to evaluate the performance of generated programs.

Статья написана коллективом авторов: N.A. Kataev, A.S. Kolganov.