Additional Parallelization of Existing MPI Programs Using SAPFOR


N.A. Kataev, A.S. Kolganov


The SAPFOR and DVM systems were primary designed to simplify the development of parallel programs of scientific-technical calculations. SAPFOR is a software development suite that aims to produce a parallel version of a sequential program in a semi-automatic way. Fully automatic parallelization is also possible if the program is well-formed and satisfies certain requirements. SAPFOR uses the DVMH directive-based programming model to expose parallelism in the code. The DVMH model introduces CDVMH and Fortran-DVMH (FDVMH) programming languages which extend standard C and Fortran languages by parallelism specifications. We present MPI-aware extension of the SAPFOR system that exploits opportunities provided by the new features of the DVMH model to extend existing MPI programs with intra-node parallelism. In that way, our approach reduces the cost of parallel program maintainability and allows the MPI program to utilize accelerators and multi-core processors. SAPFOR extension has been implemented for both Fortran and C programming languages. In this paper, we use the NAS Parallel Benchmarks to evaluate the performance of generated programs.

Ключевые слова

SAPFOR, Automation of parallelization, Additional Parallelization, MPI programs, Heterogeneous computational clusters, GPUs, DVMH.



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N.A. Kataev, A.S. Kolganov. Additional Parallelization of Existing MPI Programs Using SAPFOR // Malyshkin V. (eds) Parallel Computing Technologies. PaCT 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Cham: Springer, 2021, Vol. 12942, P. 41-52