• Automated parallelization of a simulation method of elastic wave propagation in media with complex 3D geometry surface on high-performance heterogeneous clusters

    The paper considers application of DVM and SAPFOR systems in order to automate mapping of 3D elastic waves simulation method on high-performance heterogeneous clusters. A distinctive feature of the proposed method is the use of a curved threedimensional grid, which is consistent with the geometry of free surface. Usage of curved grids considerably complicates both manual and automated parallelization. Technique to map curved grid on a structured grid has been presented to solve this problem. The sequential program based on the finite difference method on a structured grid, has been parallelized using Fortran-DVMH programming language. Application of SAPFOR analysis tools simplified this parallelization process. The paper describes features of automated parallelization. Authors estimate efficiency and acceleration of the parallel program and compare performance of the DVMH-based program with a program obtained after manual parallelization using MPI programming technology.

    Presented by A.S. Kolganov.

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