Конференция "Joint International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Supercomputing for Nuclear Applications" проходила 5 - 9 Октября 1997 г. по адресу USA, Saratoga Springs, New York.

А.В. Воронков выступил с докладом:

Development of Portable Program System for Modeling Neutron-Physical Processes in Nuclear Reactor on Parallel Computers

Main approaches for elaborating portable parallel codes are considered. The REACTOR-P parallel program system is described. Traditional ways for creating portable parallel codes are examined. Main shortcomings of the message passing approach are discussed. A new data parallel language named C-DVM for implementing portable codes on multiprocessor computers has been developed. Some parallel numerical algorithms for 3D neutron diffusion problems are suggested. Results of numerical experiments have confirmed high efficiency of these algorithms and this new parallel language.

Статья написана коллективом авторов: V.I. Arzhanov, A.S. Golubev, N.A. Konovalov, V.A. Krukov, E.P. Sychugova, A.V. Voronkov.