Application of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure to the Program Analysis in SAPFOR


N.A. Kataev


The paper proposes an approach to implementation of program analysis in SAPFOR (System FOR Automated Parallelization). This is a software development suit that is focused on cost reduction of manual program parallelization. It was primarily designed to perform source-to-source transformation of a sequential program for execution on parallel architectures with distributed memory. LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) compiler infrastructure is used to examine a program. This paper focuses on establishing a correspondence between the properties of the program in the programming language and the properties of its low-level representation.

The reported study was funded by the Program of the Presidium of RAS 26 «Fundamental basis for creating algorithms and software for perspective ultrahigh-performance computing».

Ключевые слова

Program analysis, program parallelization, source-to-source transformation, LLVM.



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