The support of interactivity in the SAPFOR system


N.A. Kataev, A.S. Kolganov, A.A. Smirnov


The SAPFOR system is primarily the system of automated parallelization of programs, that involves the organization of interaction with a user to make some decisions on parallelization. The existing version of the system has  the tools of visualization of automatically made decisions, and also allows the user to participate in parallelization by setting special instructions in the source code of the program. The capabilities provided by these tools are limited and require from the user either to explicitly specify all the features of the program before its parallelization, or  to repeatedly restart all components of the system after each small refinement of the properties. This article discusses a new approach to the organization of interactive interaction with the user in the SAPFOR system, which will allow to provide the user with information about  parallelization process and to take into account user’s recommendations during the system work.

The work was was funded by the Russian Foundation for basic research, project 17-01-00820 – a


Key words

parallelization, automated parallelization, heterogeneous computing cluster.




N.A. Kataev, A.S. Kolganov, A.A. Smirnov. The support of interactivity in the SAPFOR system // Proceedings of XIX all-Russian scientific conference "Scientific service on the Internet (September 18th - 23th 2017, Novorossiysk), Moscow: Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS, 2017, P. 243-249