SAROV 10/2016

Supercomputing and mathematical simulation 2016 was held on October 3rd - 7th, 2016 in Russia, Sarov, RUSSIAN FEDERAL NUCLEAR CENTER ALL-RUSSIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS.

A.V. Korolev, V.A. Bakhtin have proposed there a speaker paper:

Implementation of parallel program for compositional flow simulation during oil and gas fields development using DVM-system

Compositional multiphase simulation is used for more detailed flow modeling for reservoirs with light hydrocarbons (gas, condensate), for more accurate description of mass exchange between phases in enhanced oil recovery methods such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen injection, enriched gas injection or high-pressure gas injection. The main stages of  the development  of the parallel version  of the multiphase filtering program with use of DVM system will be considered in the presentation.

This article is written by a team of the following authors V.A. Bakhtin, A.V. Korolev, N.V. Podderugina.