RSD 09/2017

Russian Supercomputing Days 2017 was held on Semptember 25th - 26th, 2017 in Russia, Moscow, hotel Holiday Inn Moscow - Sokolniki.

V.A. Bakhtin has proposed there a speaker paper:

The experience of DVM-system using for solution of applied tasks

DVM-system is intended for development of parallel programs of scientific and technical calculations in C-DVMH and Fortran-DVMH languages. These languages use a single parallel programming model (DVMH-model) and are an extension of the standard C and Fortran languages by parallelism specifications, implemented as compiler directives.  DVMH-model allows to create efficient parallel programs for heterogeneous computational clusters, which nodes use as computing devices not only universal multi-core processors but also can use attached accelerators (GPUs or Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors). The article describes the experience of DVM-system using for parallelization of various aplications. 

The work was funded by RFBR grants № 16-07-01014, 16-07-01067, 16-37-00266 and 17-01-00820.


This article is written by a team of the following authors V.F. Aleksahin, V.A. Bakhtin, A.S. Kolganov, A.V. Korolev, V.A. Krukov, N.V. Podderugina, M.N. Pritula, D.A. Zaharov.