Debugging of DVM-programs


V.A. Krukov, R.V. Udovichenko


The tools to debug programs, written on Fortran-DVM or C-DVM languages, are described.  DVM-program debugging is performed as follows. First, the program is debugged at a workstation as a usual sequential program using ordinary debugging methods and tools. Secondly the program is executed at the same workstation in special mode to check the DVM-directives.  At the third step the program may be executed  in the  special mode of  the comparison of its intermediate results with the  reference ones (obtained, for example, as a result of its sequential execution).





V.A. Krukov, R.V. Udovichenko. Debugging of DVM-programs // Программирование, Moscow: Publishing house of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2001, No. 3, P. 19-29