ABRAU 09/2016

Scientific service on the Internet 2016 was held on Semptember 19th - 24th, 2016 in Russia, Novorossiysk, Abrau-Durso, a boarding house 'Sailor'.

N.A. Kataev has proposed there a speaker paper:

Automation of software package parallelization

Experience of using SAPFOR system to parallelize Fortran programs emphasizes that for parallelizing large-scale applications and software packages it is necessary to improve capabilities of the system in the following areas: automatic determination and carrying out of the required source code transformations, primarily parallelization of time-consuming source code fragments, incremental parallelization . The system should be also extended to support parallelization of C code. Development of the system to achieve these goals requires a significant adjustment to its architecture.

This article is written by a team of the following authors V.A. Bakhtin, A.S. Kolganov, V.A. Krukov, N.V. Podderugina, M.N. Pritula, O.A. Savitskaya, A.A. Smirnov, O.F. Zhukova.