RAMPA — CASE for portable parallel programs development


V.A. Krukov, L.A. Pozdnjakov, I.B. Zadykhailo


To make convinient and effective using the perspective computer systems with massive parallelism, the investigations of the computer aided system for portable concurrent programs designing (the RAMPA system) have been started at Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences. The system RAMPA is designed to create, debug and monitor parallel programs for MIMD distributed-memory machines. The main programming languages are Fortran DVM and Norma. The system will also allow the development of programs with Fortran GNS, Fortran 77 and C languages, extended with tools from specially made library for parallel programs support. The system under developing includes the Fortran DVM, NORMA and Fortran GNS compilers converting the program into extended Fortran 77. The system also envolves the libraries LIB-DVM and LIB-GNS for concurrent programming support and debug and monitor tools.



Библиографическая ссылка

V.A. Krukov, L.A. Pozdnjakov, I.B. Zadykhailo. RAMPA - CASE for portable parallel programs development // Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies, Obninsk: IPPE, 1993, Vol. 3, P. 643-650